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I watched the Channel 7 news both in the morning and in the evening.  The morning news seemed to be heavily focused on an older audience, probably ages 30 to 50.  Many of the commercials featured were for retirement, insurance, cleaning products, credit card companies, and banking. Because Valentine’s day was right around the corner, many of the commercials were also focused on couples and directed towards men for purchasing and women for receiving valentines type gifts like chocolates, flowers, and of course lots of diamonds and jewelry.  Most of the commercials featured high-end jewelry with large price tags, indicating the ads were for an older audience that would have enough money to buy such an extravagant gift.  The evening news featured many of the same ads, as well as spots for car dealerships, new cars, and medical advertisements.  These ads are also geared towards adults who are living a calm, stable, quiet lifestyle and watch the news as part of their daily routine.  Based on the overall impression of the advertisements the target market for channel 7 news advertisers is the working class, baby boomer generation, and stay at home parents.  It makes sense for advertisers to focus on this group during the morning and evening news because they are the “last-generation” to continue to watch the news on TV.  Most 20-28 year-olds and the college generation get their news via the internet, blogs, and social networks.  Channel 7 certainly wants both its actual program and the advertisements it airs to reflect a home-style, “down-to-earth” feel thetas supportive of the “American dream” and quintessential products for the average middle-class American.

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  1. February 26, 2011 at 4:38 am

    Good points, Tommy. They’re definitely trying to appeal to the middle class audience. The problem for them, as you suggest, is that some in that group are migrating to other forms of news and leaving tv news behind. Like newspapers, they’re having a hard time coming up with a good financial model – and part of that is their own fault for neglecting growing communities that might have been served (e.g. working class, Latino, etc.) Good work.

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