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It was my first time viewing and out of state news program, and channel 7 was not the slightest bit different than News broadcasts in Chicago. Depressing topics such as violence and tragedies litter the everyday media world. The idea of reporting the news seems to focus on more of a negative light than a positive one. The daily weather and sports seem to be parellel supplimentary cities like Chicago, which both seem emphasize on local and national news. The regular news seems to follow the same pattern, but tends to shed more light on the negative aspects. Which such rivals such as NBC news as well as the recently popular altitude sports news, Channel 7 has to Brand themselves in a way that differentiates themselves from the competitors. A way we can see this is through Channel 7’s advertising. Aside from the corporate grocery and medical insurances, something i interestingly saw a good amount of commercials supporting GM products. Commercials featuring automakers such as Ford, Buick, and Saturn were scene throughout advertisements. In theory, i believe Channel 7 is trying to promote an “American Style” of living. With the global market expanding, consumers have more options at their fingertips than ever before. By supporting GM, an American car producing empire, ABC is supporting their patriotism and are hoping to give back to the U.S economy. Another ad that supports this idea is a University of Phoenix commercial i saw on the internet. the commercial is what appears to be a student working on an electric car. the subtext of the commercial is scratching at the idea that we are the ones who are preparing for the future. They want to make you believe that by attending this online college, you will be starting to attain a road to success. Although the image of the electric car is inspiring, something about this ad touches me the wrong way. Although they do show people succeeding, it does not show the hard work, and the extra work they must have put in to become what they desired. Aquiring and online degree is a start, but is no where to finish. By framing it as a “then and now” it tricks the viewer into thinking that college is simplest, which is ultimately the wrong idea. Challenging the mind and exploring new theories is what college consists of, and, i believe, cannot be summed up in 15 seconds.

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  1. tessdoez
    February 24, 2011 at 6:15 am

    There are too many errors in this post for me to give you credit for the blog. Please revise for grammar, spelling, sentence structure etc. as well as clarity and repost, sending me an email when you have finished.

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