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Branding in Channel 7

I watched channel 7 news in the morning around seven o’clock and again in the afternoon around four o’clock.  In the morning, I noticed that there were a lot of car dealership, lawyer, and medical advertisements.  From this, I felt as if the station was targeting people with careers that require them to be at work by 8 o’clock or people in the older generation who wake up early.  The various car dealership and lawyer advertisements indicated that it is focused on the people who work and start their day in the workplace by eight or nine o’clock in the morning.  Additionally, there were advertisements for medical care such as wheelchairs or health safety for the elder.  There are not many teenagers or young adults who are up at that time and if they are up at that early, they are probably not watching news.  Naturally, there are not many ads that are geared towards the younger generation.  In the afternoon the advertisements included ones pertaining to car dealerships, grocery stores, and cleaning products.  These ads are centered on stay at home parents who perform most of the cleaning and cooking in the household, as well as taking children to and fro school/activities.

It seems as if the target group for channel 7 are the working people, older generation, and stay at home parents.  As a result, the branding for this channel includes cleaning products, grocery stores, and car dealerships.


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