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I watched channel 7’s news broadcast twice, once on Friday night and again on Sunday night.  Based off of the advertisements shown both nights, I would predict that the target audience for this time slot would be for middle-aged men and women. However both nights there seemed to be quite a few advertisements geared towards middle-aged women, especially those who might be stay at home moms.  A lot of the commercials were by jewelry corporations who were advertising the sales they were having for Valentines Day. These ads could have been targeted to either men or women, however usually depicted a man giving his spouse or girlfriend a piece of jewelry to show his love for her.  Also, because of the high price of the jewelry being advertized, there is reason to assume that the target audience would be couples that have a reasonable amount of a disposable income. Many cleaning products for the home were also advertised, and usually showed a woman having difficulty using a different product and then having amazing results with the product being advertized. There was also a Chevy car commercial that did not show the driver of the car, so I felt that the commercial could have been targeted to either sex.  I believe running these kinds of advertisements at this time at night is smart because older adults that are more settled in their lives are the most likely to be able to afford the kinds of products that were being advertised, and they are also most likely the age bracket that will be watching the news right before they go to bed at night.


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  1. February 26, 2011 at 4:44 am

    Good insights, Riley.

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