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Blog 10 Chris Powers

I watched the channel 7 news once Friday morning after some awesome hours of Price is Right and Maury Povich show and then again on Sunday night.  It was extremely interesting to see how the commercials were geared towards certain audiences because of the time.  While watching the news on Friday morning, I noticed a lot of ads were geared towards people  from about early forties to later years (70s or so).  There were a lot of life insurance, arthritis, financial,  medical, etc..commercials that were clearly geared towards older folks who were probably at home around the time the news airs in the morning.  I wrote down just a few for reference…..one alluded to a new “shocking discovery for joint relief”……another talked of “four things that can hurt your credit”…and yet another blabbed on about how everyone is screwed without Liberty Penn Life Insurance.   Clearly these commercials are geared towards the older generation who are watching the television in the morning.  On the other hand, while I was watching the news Sunday night, there were a lot more entertainment and product  commercials that appealed to a much larger range of audience members.  Some of the commercials I remember include… advertising for certain shows that play on the station….beer commercials such as Budweiser and Coors ….car commercials such as BMW/Subaru….and just general products such as fast food, video games…etc…Obviously, the nightly news later in the evening is going to have more viewers than the morning news and the audience  diversification is much greater.  The network adjusted what advertisements they put on the air to appeal to the wider audience range.  All of the “older” people have probably gone to bed so there is really no need for the extensive Viagra and life insurance ads that were constantly presented in the morning.  I think it is a great idea to do this because the more viewers one can draw in, the better the network does as a whole.  If the network just played the same ads throughout the day, they would have a much lesser audience base because the ads are only appealing to one group.  In response to the “branding” part of the news program, every so often on the network one will see an ad for the station where their personalities are all there talking about how awesome they are as a news team.  This is simply another brand of advertising….for their station/news program instead of specific products………once again….if you get what I mean………

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