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The two broadcasts that I watched of the news on ABC were at 4 pm today and at 10 pm last night.

The advertisements were geared very heavily towards the Valentines Day audience. Jewelers were especially active seeing as this is one of their biggest seasons. Also, during the afternoon broadcast today I noticed more family friendly commercials. The advertisements were generally geared towards an older audience. Some commercials focused on the consumers that have children, while others catered to the single adult.

I feel that  the advertisements that were aired  to the general audience that watches the news. You do not often hear about young children watching the news.

I do not really see a direct correlation to the advertisements and the broadcast personalities or the branding of the station. I feel like the station establishes that they have solid values by saving certain advertisements for the evening hours when they are not as likely to be viewed by young children. The news personalities were not really something that I thought about when I was watching the advertisements. An idea for the station to enhance its news personalities away from the broadcast would to possibly have them do an endorsement advertisement during commercial time before, during, or after the broadcast. This would also give their station more of a personality beyond the news broadcast itself.

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