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I watched the channel 7 news this morning, and this afternoon. I noticed that the commercials in general were very family oriented and included various commercials from local companies. This morning, there seamed to be a lot of commercials that were geared to older adults. These commercials were advertising of life insurance companies, medicines, and different local commercials from dentists and lawyers in the area. It is quite obvious that the TV stations sell commercial air time to companies trying to reach a target market of adults. In the morning, older adults are usually the people awake and around a TV in the morning to watch the news. Kids are still sleeping and younger adults are already at work. The morning commercials also included adds from soap operas that were scheduled to air later on in the day.  The evening news however, was clearing trying to target the people who may have missed the news in the morning. The commercials included adds from Apple’s new Iphone for Version customers, luxury car commercials, as well as commercials from local businesses. There were also commercials about the news that was following News 7. News 7 brands itself by showing how the news channel participates in the community, the awards they have received, and by discussing the technology they have to give the most up to date information and weather reports. All of these brands give News 7 a wholesome image.

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