In agreement to what others have been saying, all of the commercials that would appeal to a stay at home mom (or stay at home dad, not trying to stereotype) are in the morning.  My mother used to be a stay at home mom and she would always have the news on as she was shooing me off to school on the school bus.  My dad would already be at work.  My dad came home at around six.  He would sometimes watch the news when he got back, if not, he would read the paper.  My family is a pretty typical family for my town. Almost every family was like this. Every mom is a stay at home mom and all of the fathers go to work all day.  It was rare to know a childhood friend with a dad who has a night job.


This obviously is NOT the typical family throughout the world. Today many women work and there is also a plethora of nighttime jobs that people have.  It is interesting how the news and advertisements believe that this is the pattern in families.  Although, i could be wrong about my thought that most family structures are not like mine.  There must have been studies to show that this is the general family flow.  It also could be that the family structures and schedules that are not this ‘typical,’ have very scattered schedules in where there is not much of a pattern to detect throughout a large group.  This is my theory to why advertisers choose these commercials at these particular times; it probably doesn’t go along with most of America, but it covers the largest consistent group found (probably) from different studies.


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  1. February 26, 2011 at 4:34 am

    Good points, Whitney. I think the targeting of the stay-at-home mom is so ingrained in tv “common sense” that it’s hard to change. The thought is that these are the people with purchasing power in middle and upper middle class homes. Yet as you point out, the proportion of the population in that particular situation has been declining for more than 30 years. The problem is that tv news hasn’t really been good at finding a replacement for what’s long been considered its core audience, which is now aging out of their prime demographic. Good work.

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