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I watched channel 7news program at 11am on Friday and Monday.  This program is broadcasted in the middle of the day so many of the viewers do not work or at least do not work during the normal work day.  Because of this the commercials during this program are geared toward these types of individuals.  I did not watch the broadcast during the weekend so the commercials during this time slot may be different because many people that work during the week do not on the weekends so the demographic of people may change drastically from Friday to Saturday.

During the two broadcasted programs the types of commercials I saw all revolved around individuals that weren’t working.  Some of these commercials were targeted to stay at home parents and featured kid friendly foods and products.  Others were amid at retired individuals where the commercials talked about life insurance and different types of medication.  The last group targeted was unemployed people these commercials ranged from continuing education programs to commercials about “getting money fast” and even injury lawyers.  These commercials often seemed like they were targeted for different people but the main demographic that was the same across all the commercials was that the advertisers were selling to people that aren’t working.

The news program participates in branding by choosing stories that would most appeal to the people watching the program.  By providing stories on news, human interest, and the weather it presents itself as a trustworthy source for news.  By providing stories that are relevant and accurate in a repeat fashion it creates the news personalities as trust worthy people.  Overall, I feel that the brand that 7news is putting out there is that they are a place that presents news worthy information to Denver through trusting news personalities.


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