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I watched the Channel 7 News twice, once last night during the 10-11 pm segment, and once this morning at 11 am. The advertisements that were being shown were clearly directed at a particular audience. With Valentines Day here, many of the commercials last night were targeting middle aged men looking for presents for their sweethearts. Commercials for jewelry companies and chocolates appeared during every commercial break, with even one of the news segments discussing the best type of chocolate to get for your loved one on Valentine’s Day. Both the 10 pm news segment and 11 am news segment featured many commercials about cleaning products. The Swiffer Wet Jet commerciall was played twice during the 10 pm and 11 am news. These commercials for cleaning products and Valentines Day treats are examples of branding that the station participates in so as to touch upon the interests of the viewer.

The typical viewer and audience of these news times seem to be middle aged to older couples, specifically stay at home wives. The Valentines Day ads play to the interests of the middle aged couple, while the cleaning supplies being marketed play to the interests of the stay at home mother or grandmother.

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