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Channel 7 News Advertising

Channel 7 Evening news has branded itself as a show for families or people who envision a family in their future.  The show does this mainly through its advertising, which targets its audience with carefully controlled content.  Tri-State Energy Co-Op, for example, advertises its power through a family laughing and playing in a comfortable living room.  For parents, the scene is read as an ideal scenario for raising their children.  For single men, the sight of a woman playing with children has been proven to be the most attractive depiction o a women, so it catches their eye as well.  Toyota advertises its Tundra truck as a patriotic vehicle (despite Toyota’s Japanese headquarters).  This is meant to appeal again to this age group of around 25 to 54.  This audience will most likely buy another car, and probably more than one.  Even if they won’t buy for another 5 years, this advertising is still effective.

Channel 7 advertises to a variety of income levels, although as a television station they have the benefit of knowing their audience can at least afford a television or computer.  Western Governor’s University, an online school, advertises to people who have not completed any higher education, but maybe have families or other obligations.  During the same commercial break, there were ads for insurance and two different cars, products that require somewhat more stable finances.

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