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I watched channel 7 news on three separate occasions once on Friday in the morning then again on Monday at 4. I also visited the website to watch some online broadcast as well during the weekend.  When they went to commercials during Friday and on Monday the focus of the commercials seemed to be focused on older viewers and stay at home moms or middle aged women. The commercials I feel were generally focused towards them because during this time generally in the morning and mid afternoon that seems to be the general time when mom’s find free time for themselves and watch television. For example, at 11 a.m. on Friday generally the kids are at school and at 4 p.m. generally the kids are home from school and off playing while mom works on dinner and watches the news. Obviously this is a stereotype of the stay at home mom but I can say my mom watched the news around 4 p.m. pretty much everyday from what I can remember. The main focus of the commercials were either car commercials, such as mini vans or soccer mom cars as I would call them, King Soopers or grocery store commercials, and I saw one or two cleaning product commercials. I think that depending on what time the news was aired at they would have a different type of audience that they would try and appeal too such as news at 9 p.m the commercials would be greed toward the working population who weren’t able to watch the news because they were at work.

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