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I watched the Channel 7 News on two occasions, once at 11 am, and once at 10 pm. As I watched the program, I took note of the commercials that were aired. I noticed that there were a couple similarities among the commercials that were shown during the different time slots. For one, there were a plethora of commercials about local businesses, such as jewelry stores and window repairers, and even local law firms. Being that 7 News is a local news broadcast, it makes sense that they would air commercials about local businesses and companies because it is a smart way to go about branding the broadcast as a community centered program. Branding is “the process of creating in the consumer’s mind a clear identity for a particular company’s product, logo, or trademark” (Pavlik & McIntosh, p. 364, 2011). I think this is a very clever tactic, one which I was oblivious to until now. The strategic method of airing local advertisements, ones that pertain to the time slot’s targeted audience, increases the feeling of community among Channel 7 News viewers.

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