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Blog #10–Marisa Pooley

After watching Channel 7 News twice, it has become obvious that the advertising is not random, but a very strategic plan. I watched the 11am news both times, which definitely influenced the commercials. The advertisers who partner with 7News realize that the target audience during the daytime is predominantly stay-at-home mothers and wives. The commercials were largely about groceries and new products. I noticed that in the two different days that I watched the news, Progresso and Green Giant Vegetables advertised. This made it clear that the 11 o’clock news is directed toward the grocery shopper of a household. This is an example of branding. Branding is the process of creating a clear identity for a particular company’s product, logo, or trademark. The branding of Green Giant is very successful. Green Giant has become synonomous with frozen vegetables. Progresso is advertised as being a healthier option for canned soup. This makes it more appealing to women and wives who are interested in nutritious but quick meals. Thus, these types of advertisements have helped to “brand” the 11 o’clock Channel 7News. It is clear who the target audience is, just by watching the commercials.


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