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US Patron, With Few Frills, Lifts a Lowly English Soccer Club

                In the February8, 2011 New York Times paper, an article on the front page talks about the multi-millionaire, Bob Rich, who decided to sponsor a football team in England in an area he had just become lord of.  The team was called the Bedlington Terriers, the players semi-professional, their stadium in Welfare Park.

                In this article, the writers attempt to frame Rich as a benevolent man, who willingly gives to a lowly football team.  They choose to make the American in a place of superiority, assisting those not as high up.  Even the title of the article highlights the frame the author Jere Longman wished to present.  It begans with “US Patron”, lending credence to the fact that it was not just any patron assisting the team, but one from the United States.  He “lifts a lowly English soccer club.”  Obviously, the writer is trying to depict that this certain English sphere could not have existed without this willingly generous American.  The article goes on to talk about how kind and good Rich is, using a variety of sources. 

                The country competition once again comes into play, but it might have even been produced subconsciously in this instance.  Longman most likely wished to do a refreshing story after all the coverage of the Egypt protests, and chose to do so by making America look altruistic through its citizens.  The NYT made it the article on the front page, when really it just seems like an unremarkable occurance.  Though that went into this was probably that after all these problems in Egypt, the US once again shows how great they are, even though they failed to assist Egyptian protesters when they were needed.  Members of the Bedlington Terriers are not even mentioned in the article.  Longman goes into explicit detail on the remodeling that will become of their stadium, and included Bedlington people responding to Rich.  They speak fondly of him and all the changes he will make.  Such a frame as this should be easily noticed, but it appears that that is not so.  The people of America are once again trying to prove their countries dominance through charity work.

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