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Forsberg, a good call?

Lately in Denver media, the former Colorado hockey super star, Peter Forsberg has just signed a one year contract with the Colorado Avalanche. Forsberg was a key element to both 1996 and 2001 Stanley Cup victories, and has been plagued with foot injuries ever since. He has been traded several times and could not find a steady home. He has been playing in a Sweden for the past couple of years and now wants to make a comeback with Colorado. Adam Foote, the veteran captain of the Avalanche and once Forsbergs teammate, heard of this news and invited Peter to skate with the team a couple of times. Word got out, and reports were all over. Videos of Peter in practice were released and the Media starting asking questions if he was going to return to the Colorado Roster.

Although Peter probably wanted to keep this behind the scenes, he was forced to answer a plethora of questions asking when he would return and when. The media framed their reports around the fact that Peter would return to the Avs, but when? Since they saw him practicing, they assumed that he was going to make a comeback. Now 37, Peter says he still experiences foot pains but they are very slight and abrupt. The media is also making this a big deal because of Forsbergs former stardom. He was a ferocious player back in his day putting up two, 100 point seasons. The media is trying to portray Forsberg as the “answer” to all of the Avalanche’s problems. Because of this marketing strategy, more people are interested than ever, and are looking forward to seeing Peter return. After skating with the team a couple of times, Peter finally signed a one year contract. Although he probably knew he was going to join the team, he was most likely was persuaded by the media and their incessant questions. It just shows that the media today is very intrusive and does not give anyone the light of day. People want answers. This may be good for the Media ratings, but can take its toll on the team and the Peter as well. Focusing the attention on one player rather than the team might throw off team chemistry as the Avs might find themselves in a deeper hole if this situation does not work out.

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