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Crisis in Egypt

According to the book, framing is known as the notion that every story is told in a particular way that influences how readers think of the story. There are two popular and known networks that are either skewed left or right politically. Fox News is skewed right and CNN is skewed left. In general, the media is more liberal than conservative which is why we can’t always believe everything we hear. This can sometimes be a problem because “frequently the facts of a story are forced to fit into the frame, or angle, regardless of the reality (292). We need to do research to confirm what they say is true. The most popular current event has been the riots in Egypt. An article that is posted on CNN http://www.foxnews.com/opinion/2011/02/08/obamas-support-democracy-extend-egypt/ talks about President Obama supporting universal values. The article then discusses the history of the Mubarak regime leading this article into a framing quote, “This lobby has convinced presidents from Roosevelt to Obama to ignore abuses by the regime that include not only the mistreatment of Saudi citizens but discriminatory practices against American Jews and Christians.” We can obviously concur that the author of the article has a clear influence that he wants his readers to understand. The story overall is fairly moderate because it is giving a lot of information on Egypt and the current events. The United States were not taking a side for a while which is why I think both CNN and Fox don’t have very skewed articles. It is hard for any human being to not frame a story because of human nature and their own opinions. President Obama has now come out and announced the need for a new government in Egypt. Other articles relating to the new government in Egypt such as the opportunity for the Muslim Brotherhood to take power will create more of a framed article based on the objectives of the author to influence his readers.


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