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Cannabytes: Higher Learning at Mile High

Early today, I was catching up on my Denver news via 303 magazine. I was completely shocked when I saw the headline for Greenway University. To my dismay, Greenway University’s slogan of “higher education” is taking quite a literal spin on what most people would consider graduate school. Greenway University is a new school in Denver that trains students on the growing and selling of medicinal marijuana. The university is approved by the Colorado Government. The article informs readers of how to sign up for classes and the benefits of taking classes. This article is framed however in a way that suggests that medical marijuana is just a new way of business. While some may agree with this statement, as there are dispensaries on almost every street corner, the article neglects the fact that the federal government regulates drugs through the Controlled Substances Act, which does not recognize the difference between medical and recreational use of marijuana. Federal law trumps state laws, and the federal government has the right to prosecute people who sell, grow, or smoke marijuana. Although times are changing and medical marijuana is on the rise, it is important that people are not blindsided by the reality that there can still be consequences for those caught with the substance.

Greenway University on ABC



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