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Blog No 9: Starlet Scandal

Actress, Lindsay Lohan, has found herself in the headlines once again, this time for a grand theft felony. The 24 year-old actress was accused of allegedly taking a $2,500 necklace from a Venice, California jewelry store just five short weeks after being released from a court ordered stay at the Betty Ford Clinic, a drug rehabilitation facility. However, shortly before police were to begin a search through Lohan’s apartment, the necklace was returned.

I read several news stories on different news sites about Lohan’s most recent legal troubles and found a common thread. Each article quoted presiding Superior Court Judge Keith Schwartz’s words to Lindsay, “You need to follow the laws just like everyone else. You’re no different than anyone else so please don’t push your luck because things will be different.” The frame, or way in which a story is told, seems to be the same through many of these articles. Many of the journalists who cover Lohan related news tend to lean toward an anti-sympathetic stance. Being that Lindsay has gotten herself into so much trouble over the last few years, with two DUI charges under her belt, a felony charge of possession of cocaine, several stints in rehab, and an assault charge just to name a few, the media has been, in a sense, holding her to her bad girl image. So while a journalists job really is to present unbiased news reports, it seems to be a difficult task for journalist when it comes to Miss Lohan. This biased reporting then leads readers to not want to give Lindsay any chances to redeem herself. Although she has made quite a few mistakes in the past, it is not necessarily “fair” that the media continue to portray her in a negative light. Rather than poke jabs at the starlet, reporters should simply state the facts, and not put their personal spin on the issues—that’s the reader’s job.

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