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Blog #9, Second blizzards howls through weary Okla., Ark.

One current event that is happening right now in the United States is the massive snowstorms hitting the middle of the country.  This story is about a storm that just hit Oklahoma and Arkansas bringing snow and cold temperatures adding to the mess that had not been cleaned up from another storm that hit last week.  In this story the storm is framed as being a bad and destructive force.  Talking about the many ways in which this storm interrupted life for the people in these States.

In chapter ten the book discusses how it is often easier and faster for a journalist to frame a story in a certain way.  It also says that journalists often don’t realize they are doing this because they see it as just reporting the facts of what happened.  This can be seen easily in a story like this one because when reporting the destruction from the storm the facts are going to be that it was very detrimental.  I think that where the framing comes in for this story is through the details and added comments put into the story.  To look at this specifically we can take apart the sentence “The blowing snow brought traffic to a halt, and the National Guard was summoned to rescue stranded motorists.”  This sentence creates a strong visualization of the events from the storm.  It could have been written as the snow storm caused severe traffic and the National Guard was needed to assist in clearing people from the roads.  Instead it was written is a much more colorful way that helps to paint the storm in a more destructive manner.

This is probably very typical for a story covering this type of event.  It makes the story more interesting to read while also giving us the facts.  I think that a frame that could be used to more evenly talk about this storm would be to find a positive event that occurred from the storm and then write a story the disuses both ways the storm affected these states.  This may give a more full review of the storm.


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