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Blog #9–Marisa Pooley

Big news in Denver and among the NBA is Nuggets forward Carmelo Anthony’s next move. One of many articles on the subject, the Denver Post’s, Chris Dempsey, discusses this in, “Nuggets Carmelo Anthony would take ‘real hard look ‘ at re-signing, if no trade.”

It is public knowledge that Anthony’s contract with the Nuggets expires at the end of the 2011 season. Rumors are also circling about Anthony being traded or voluntarily leaving Denver. Thought the New York Knicks have made their interest clear, the most recent rumors surround a trade with the LA Lakers. If Anthony is not traded by February 24th, he said he would “Take a real hard look” at signing the three year contract extension with the Nuggets, promising him $65 million.

When reading this article, it is important to keep “framing” in mind. Framing is the idea that stories are told in “particular ways” to influence the reader. This article is from a local Denver newspaper. Denverites idolize Carmelo Anthony, dreading the thought that he may be traded. Thus, this article may be bias and have an intentional viewpoint. The article paints Anthony as an innocent, devoted Nuggets player, who would prefer to stay here. It seems as though the decision is completely out of Anthony’s control, despite rumors that he wants to leave. Also, the article is framed to reassure Nuggets fans. By using words like Anthony “brushed off recent reports…,” and “Although he is keeping his options open, he hadn’t talked publicly…until today.” These phrases are to ease the reader. If Carmelo Anthony is shrugging off the rumors about being traded, saying he had never even heard of a deal with the Lakers, fans must think the previous reports are incorrect. The frame of this article was to calm readers’ fears of the Anthony’s exit and to reaffirm his status as a prime basketball player.


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