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Blog 9: Fans Sue Cowboys and N.F.L. for Seating Fiasco

Fans who were promised temporary seating after paying for them for the Superbowl were turned away by the NFL as they deemed the seats unsafe.  This article is framed unintentionally towards the fans viewpoint.  The framing allows for fans to potentially empathize with the fans who lost their seats in the Superbowl.  The article briefly mentions what the NFL has offered the fans in terms of “making a deal” so they don’t sue, but you don’t get the full perspective from Jerry Jones (owner of the Cowboys and their stadium) and the NFL because they refused to comment.

Thus the article’s main focus is on a man who spent $400,000 on regular season tickets and the opportunity to buy Superbowl tickets.  This man still was able to watch the Superbowl but didn’t get the view he wanted.  He sat on a metal chair with obstacles blocking his view, according to the article. 

At first the reader may be enraged and wonder how this guy is complaining, but then if you think about the money he spent to get seats – which in the end he didn’t get.  This allows the reader to empathize (or sympathize if they’re one of the few who were turned away) with the fans.   The NFL did offer each fan either a ticket to the next Superbowl with $2400, or a ticket to a Superbowl of their choosing with free transportation and hospitality.

That is the only and full perspective that we get from either the NFL or Jerry Jones.  Had the writer received an interview from either the commissioner or Jones, then the article could have been more objective.  The article ends with quotes from one of the prosecutors saying that what the NFL is offering is “completely insufficient” and they will not accept any future offer (nor the one made).

Overall I feel that the journalist did everything that they could to be as objective as possible.  They attempted to frame it in an objective manner by putting each side’s perspective on the situation.  Because the NFL and Jerry Jones declined interviews, the journalist worked in whatever he could to help remain as objective as possible (so it didn’t look like he was siding with just the fans).


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  1. tessdoez
    February 24, 2011 at 5:09 am

    You have mixed up the definitions of empathy and sympathy, and a few sentence structure errors exist that I encourage you to try to avoid in future blogs, but I have given you credit on Bb for this assignment.

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