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One of the more amusing little bits of news I heard about over winter break was when Miley Cyrus had a video leaked of her smoking a drug called salvia out of a bong. It was immediately all over the news stations and it horrified young fans of the singer and actress, and more importantly the parents of those films. Most of the media framed the story as something terrible that Miley Cyrus should be ashamed of, and that she as a role model should be more careful about what she does in her free time. However, I feel that the media should have been framed the news piece in a different way.

First of all, salvia is a drug that is legal in the United States, at least in most states. Miley Cyrus was in a state that the drug was legal in, and the video showed that she was smoking salvia to celebrate her eighteenth birthday. That means that she was doing something that was completely legal due to her age. Although what she was doing was technically legal, someone like her smoking a drug even if it is legal is still to stir up controversy. The fact of the matter is that this should have been an example as to why celebrities are not role models. Miley Cyrus is a teenager that feels free to have a little fun every now and then, and if she wants to have fun by smoking a legal drug, so be it. This should have been framed to show that Miley is not a role model; she is a human being.

The fact that people worship celebrities is ridiculous. Martin Luther King Jr., Mother Teresa – these people are role models. A talented performer is not a role model. If a parent complains about Miley smoking because they think she is a role model to her kids, then the parent is doing something wrong. She is only eighteen, so if they follow her every wrong move for her whole life, they are going to be complaining about a lot of things. Teach your kids that these people have talent, and that talent should be celebrated, but that does not mean they are role models.


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