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Looking around on denverpost.com I found an article about Coca Cola and its rising profits recently. In the denverpost.com article the information was very straight forward and to the point. The article featured the opinion of analyst Philip Gorham which gave the reader a general overview of why this is important, but not exactly why it was “Breaking News”. So I decided to do some research to find the original press release. I found the original press release on the Coca Cola website.

The article on thecoca-colacompany.com from the beginning was more detailed, beginning with a statement from the company. “Today, our Company reports strong worldwide volume growth, with fourth quarter comparable EPS at the high end of our long-term growth target and full-year comparable EPS well ahead of our long-term growth target” This automatically gave me a sense of why this was importance, which came to be the overall difference between the two articles. The official release gave many different facts and figures showing how the growth was accumulated. But one interesting thing I found in the Coca cola official article was there was no mention of their competitors. This in comparison to the Denver Post article which mentioned Coca Cola was ahead of their competitors. On a similar note the Denver Post article said little to nothing about how the growth was accumulated and how the company planned to continue its success something that is discussed heavily in the Coca Cola article.

Looking at these two articles the main difference I see is in the details. The content of these articles were the same. But the detail of the original release surpasses the Denver Post obviously, being more than double the length. Both articles got the information out to the people in one way or another but the obvious difference was in the facts. I believe that this is not a violation of the separation of editorial and business operations because despite the lack of detail the Denver Post still reported the facts. Even though the original press release was filled with detail, many of these details would not be clear to a general audience. The Denver Post did a good job reporting a complicated story in a very accessible way.


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  1. tessdoez
    February 21, 2011 at 2:00 am

    This is a good start, but you have not discussed the second part of the blog assignment. Is this a violation of the separation of editorial and business operations as discussed in your book? Why or why not? The idea is that it is a questionable practice to present a PR press release as news content. Please weigh in on this issue with regard to your chosen article. Additionally there are many errors in this post, particularly punctuation errors. Your sentences run on, and need to be broken up by commas. Please proofread, edit, develop your argument with regard to the question as stated in the assignment, and email me (tessdoez@gmail.com) when you have done this so that I can give you credit on Bb.

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