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Synthetic Marijuana: Officially Illegal

An article that was recently published in the Denver Post regards the recent outlawing of synthetic marijuana, or more commonly known as “Spice”. I compared two different sources for this topic; both the Denver Post and “Legal High Reviews”, which are contrasting point of views on the matter. Both of these articles are very informative on the issue and its recent illegalization, but come from very different POVs. The Denver Post is speaking from an un-biased stance, writing about the DEA and its new policy. The Legal High Reviews website is a site created to educate people on legal highs, and happened to be one of the first dated sources and began to discuss the ban. This site’s intended audience is directed at the marijuana user. The name of the article is “Why Spice Smoking Blend is Banned”. What I found most interesting was that I learned quite a bit in both articles. Jessica Fender, the writer for the Denver Post who wrote this article, talks about the DEA and how it listed chemical compounds under ‘Schedule 1’, the most restrictive classification. It is said that the agency and the U.S. Health and Human Services Department continue to look at whether Spice should be permanently banned. On the Legal High website, the writer, who goes simply by Ryan, writes as a user speaking to other users, as he compares spice to cannabis and talks about the similarities in the feelings after smoking. He shares that: “Today, Spice is considered a medicinal product and it is illegal to import, sell or market. New Zealand, Austria, Germany, and France have made Spice illegal for a long time and the United States has been regulating it. Now the product is completely banned.” While this source is clearly biased, it seems to provide just as factual of information as the article in the Denver Post.



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