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According to the New York Times, actress Lindsay Lohan “can now add the prospect of a grand theft charge to her legal woes.” Lohan is expected to be charged with a felony theft charge for stealing a $2,500 necklace in Los Angeles on January 22nd. She had recently been released from a rehabilitation program at the Betty Ford Center in Rancho Mirage, California. Lohan is in for yet another media outbreak and possibly another jail sentence.

There is a common frame in the way of which Lindsay’s story is being reported. I read a variety of different stories about Lohan’s theft charges, a few being from the Huffington Post, ABC news, and Fox Channel News. Each journalist seems to be putting their own personal opinions into their stories. They apparently have no sympathy for Lohan and all of the crimes she has committed in the past. It is apparent that they are ,frankly, just tired of Lindsay’s shenanigans. The Huffington Post starts out their article by saying, ” Right back where we started: Lindsay Lohan is being charged with a felony. Again.” It is clear that the media expects no less of her and although claiming to produce unbiased news, the media seems to be swaying the reader’s opinion leading them to be unsympathetic to Lohan’s situation.

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