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The current event I chose to cover is the protests in Egypt. The protestors took to the streets on January 5th and are now in their third week of Protesting in Cairo. The protestors want the long time President Hosni Mubarak and his supporters to be forced out of office. Mubarak has ruled Egypt since 1981 with immense power and control of the police state. The protests started with riots to dismantle the government in part inspired by the Tunisan revolt. On January 27th the government shut down the Internet and texting tools to hopefully stop communication between the anti-government protestors. Mubarak wants to stay in office till his term is finished but the protestors say they won’t quit till he gets out and dismantle his rule. The article I chose was the headline on CNN. “Third week of protests begin in Cairo” speaks out about this current event, yet this article is framed toward an anti-Mubarak and American audience with little information that praises what the government is doing or how they are handling this situation. It gives little information about the opposing side at all actually.

The article’s language even reflects the hate and aggression that the Egyptian citizens are feeling. They also used well-known figures such as actor Khalid Abdalla, the star of the 2007 film “The Kite Runner,” to support their viewpoints in a way that both appeals to the American audience and gives this audience an “insiders’ point of view on the conflict. The information regarding how the government is handling the situation gives the sense of control and power, such as blockages and curfews. While in this situation it is hard to see the opposing side, Mubarak’s government, it is also very hard to find information regarding or supporting the government. The pictures that accompany the articles shows people praying to the shy and fighting for something they believe in while dealing with the harsh and violent environment. The source for this violence is always centered at the government and the photos always show this force in a very negative manner. When asked about the government it is stated that the Mubarak government must stray from their normal tactic of stalling and must act. This action is to step down from the government and is shown through framing that this is the only option they have because the world is watching and supporting the protestors.

It seems to me that CNN has given their own opinion of what our own government and the Mubarak government must do to please their people and the world. I would like to see more opposing statements from supports of the government and why they are also in the streets fighting for their country. I do know that the US does not support the efforts of the Mubarak government or their actions but I would like to see actual statements from both governments. I am not supporting the Egyptian government or their sense of control, I am merely stating what I biases I see appear within this article. I hope the best to all the protestors and hope that a stronger, healthier, and free Egypt will appear out of all this mess.


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