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The article I chose to discuss is written by FOX News and is titled “Amid Unrest, Egyptian Christians Fear for Their Future.” The article discusses that Christian Egyptians, who make up 10% of the population, are now living in fear of discrimination in the belief that Mubarak may be replaced by the Muslim Brotherhood, a radical Islamic group that will likely be even more intolerant of the Christian community.

While looking at articles on other news websites such as CNN and The New York Times, I found no articles discussing this widespread Christian fear in Egypt. As most people are aware of, the FOX News demographic is mostly middle aged to older individuals who are strongly conservative Christians. Therefore, finding this article discussing Christian fear in Egypt, I found it almost ironic that this story would be the first story displayed on their website and also headlining the newspaper. While the turmoil occurring in Egypt is prevalent and frightening, the way that this story is being framed plays to the direct audience of FOX News, discussing issues that would be most appealing and personal to the viewers.

If this story were to have been run through a different newspaper such as CNN, I am curious as to the differences between the two and if CNN’s article would be any different in it’s explanation. As the FOX article writes, “while the Copts and other Christians may not have gotten the protection they needed under Mubarak, the situation will almost certainly be worse if the Muslim Brotherhood takes control of the country.” This article is clearly illustrating that if nothing is done in Egypt, if no one steps in to help, such as The United States, then the Christian party will be at risk and the largest Christian community in the Mideast could be wiped clean.

In making these statements is FOX News trying to make a plea? Call attention to their mostly Christian readers to take a stance and see change occur? If this were to be written by another news station would the coverage be as one-sided?


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