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Time Warner vs. Comcast

I mostly checked in to looking at Comcast and Time Warner because I feel as though they can be easily compared.  Comcast seems to be far superior to Time Warner because when looking at channel options, on-demand, and pricing, Comcast makes more sense in the end.   Both MSOs are large communications conglomerates.  Comcast owns three sports teams with exclusive agreements to show different sports franchises all over the  US.  Comcast also owns several stadiums.  Though Comcast seems to be the top MSO,  Time Warner is not doing so bad themselves.  They are associated with Time Magazine, Warner Brothers, and America Online. Time Warner also owns superman and batman from DC Comics.  Both seem to be expanding over many different types of medias.

High speed cable internet and On-demand programming options are offered by each company.  Both companies offer DVR and HDTV and pay-per view.  They are both so similar with what they offer.  It is the small details that differentiate the two.


Comcast has a much better On-demand section than Time Warner.  Time Warner already has a decent selection, however most options are geared to their Premium options. You have the option of HBO or paying for pay-per-view.  Comcast has many more sources on On-Demand  with Animal Planet, NBA TV, and Comedy Central.  Comcast also offers much music, movies, and entertainment though many subsections.


Comcast’s popular Digital Silver package with over 200 channels costs $80.95.  The Digital Premium One-Pack is Time Warner’s equivalent to this Digital Silver Package.  This costs $69.95.  Eleven dollars less. Time Warner offers a $81.95 package in which you can choose three premium stations.  Comcast offers $95.95 for their Digital Gold package, which only lets you choose from the premium channels.  When comparing these prices, Comcast is more expensive.  When you are paying these rates so frequently, your dollar is quite valuable.  This is a major issue that many bloggers complain about with Comcast.  However, these people may not be giving Comcast enough credit for the deals and specials that they have throughout the year.  For example, one deal that Comcast has given is their Digital Silver package on four TVs at $29.99 for six months. Time Warner has not had any specials that are as significant as this one.


It is also apparent from some blogs that the service and media technicians are much more helpful in the Comcast business rather than the Time Warner. It seems that overall, Comcast is the better choice.  When there are no special deals going on, it will be more expensive, but you are truly paying for the quality of the channels you can get.

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