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Charter Communications

Charter Communications is an a company based out of Delaware that provides cable television, high-speed internet and telephone service to more than 4.7 million customers in 25 states. It is the fourth largest cable operator in the U.S, behind Comcast, Time Warner Communications, and Cox Communications. The company started in 1993 and gained 1 million customers five years later.By 2002 the company had 6.8 million customers, however that is 2.1 million more customers than they have currently.

Several Charter employees have been charged with criminal indictments due to accounting fraud. Ever since the company has been responsible for fraud, Charter has gone down in ratings and has also lost many customers. In 2009 they came up with bankruptcy plan and were able to emerge from bankruptcy later that year. However they have continued to struggle against the power of other MSOs. They have been unable to strike deals with large sports networks which not only stops customers from joining their network but gives other cable companies the ability to connect with these networks, for example Comcast was able to make an agreement with the NFL network which Charter had been trying to make connections with for several years.

Wanting to know more about what customers thought about Charter, I searched ” Charter Communications customer reviews.” Most of the reviews that I found were negative and happened to be on the website, pissedconsumer.com. Customers complained not only about bad service but about being scammed. One customer said that she had received different charges than what she was guaranteed on the phone. 79.99/month vs. getting an actual bill for 129.99/month. Another customer had a similar story where he signed up for Charter’s two year price guarantee program, however he realized he was being charged $250/month with this bundle. When he reported the problem he was offered the option to pay $79/month for two years, however his first bill read $161 dollars and is said to have steadily increased to 200 dollars.

After browsing through negative comments I decided I would try and find some more positive feed back about the company. Unfortunately I found nothing specific about the actual company but rather reviews praising certain sales associates and customer service employees. Certain customers wished that more services had sales reps like the ones they encountered, while others were thankful for actually getting good service and not being ripped off.

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  1. tessdoez
    February 18, 2011 at 9:26 pm

    Although the content is perfectly acceptable there are too many grammatical errors here for me to give you credit. Please pay special attention to the second paragraph where the “have said” construction that you use twice doesn’t make sense, and the choice of the words “amongst,” “form” and “detours” are incorrect. In the third paragraph the repeated use of “had” needs to be reconsidered, and the “is said” at the end of the paragraph again doesn’t make sense in the context. Please revise your post and send me an email (tessdoez@gmail.com) when you have finished so that I can give you credit on blackboard.

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