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DirecTV: Under heavy criticism



DirecTV is a broadcast satellite service based in El Segundo, California that transmits satellite to different households across the United State, Central America, and the Carribeann. The main competitors of DirecTV are cable network providers and Dish Network (the 4th largest pay-TV provider). Going into the year of 2011, DirecTV had over 19 million subscribers. The company is directed by Liberty Media and has been in business for 16 years and counting.


There are various websites and forums where users members can blog and discuss DirecTV regarding both its strengths and weaknesses. Just like any large topic, there are going to be mixed reviews. I found various reviews raving about DirecTV and its quality, as well as people that switched away from DirecTV and seemed to enjoy bashing every weakness of its service. I looked at over 10 different websites discussing DirecTV, such as Viewpoints.com and dslreports.com. However, the site that I found to be the most useful was Direct-vs-Dish. At this site there are satellite television reviews comparing both Dish Network and DirecTV. I chose to select two different entries that contrasted each other’s opinions.

DISH Network

Negative opinion on DirecTV from a man from Georgia:

“These people are scam artists, they will not give written contract under any circumstances before the installation. DIRECTV had pursued and solicited me until they have my signed contact, after that getting through to the customer service to discuss the problem was virtually impossible. Their customer service is lousy!!!! I had to talk to 5 different custeromer service representatives just to cancel my order! Most of my 30/40 minutes calls were either disconnected or transferred to other department where I had to repeat my “live” story all over again. Do not sigh up with them or at least NOT until you get a written contract detailing the pricing and technology (how many receivers, type of receivers, etc.). TERRIBLE SERVICE~ I would NOT recommend Directv to anyone unless you want to spend the rest of your TV-watching life in misery.”

Positive review of DirecTV:

“very good service. once back in october our super old reciver went out so we called dtv. they came out the next day. they upgraded us and signed us up for high defonition.we had dish back in 04.dish u freakin bite!!!!!! I WOULD CHOOSE DTV IN A HEARTBEAT!”

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It seems as though there were numerous unhappy and sometimes furious customers that were far from satisfied with DirecTV. Most all of the reviews and entries were bashing DirecTV. In these entries, most customers would talk about either how they are unhappy with DirecTV and are switching to Dish, or switched from Dish to DirecTV and are strongly considering going back to Dish due to the “horrible service” and “sloppy reception during storms” to name a few. Although DirecTV is said to have the most full-time HD channels of any satellite or cable TV provider, Dish Network has gotten much better reviews of late. The appeal that DirecTV rides on is the fact that Dish Network may offer free HD, but they’ve taken away such popular channels as Disney Channel HD, Disney XD HD, ABC Family HD, and ESPN News HD. Also, they note that with Dish you are pre-paying for your service, have higher receiver fees, paperless billing, and a $99 fee for paper billing (which is in many cases desired). Even with all of this, the “bad service” of DirecTV seems to overshadow all of these supposed quirks in the Dish system, as DirecTV is under heavy criticism regarding both the way they do business and their sloppy reception.



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