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Time Warner Cable

I decided to research Time Warner Cable as one of the top 10 MSO’s. I have Comcast but wanted to find out more about a different company. Time Warner Cable was formed in 1989 which is a division of Warner Communication’s. It is centered in New York currently and provides service for more than 14.6 million customers. The company provides all three communication services: Telephone, Internet, and Cable. It seems to be doing well in the market so far, but after reading online I have found many complaints about the service in general. On My3cents.com, most of the reviews were pretty negative. One user commented that Time Warner Cable’s service was “frustratingly slow and will cut out altogether at least several times a day, every single day” (slims). Another user commented, “every day I can’t watch a certain channel because of temporary difficulties” (Crista8366).

It is interesting to note that despite these negative setbacks in the company, they seem to be still making a decent amount of revenue. Statistics from the company say that Time Warner Cable makes as much as $17.9 million annually. The biggest problem they are facing currently is their competitor, Comcast, which makes more than 1.37 billion dollars annually. So clearly Comcast is the winner right now, but Time Warner Cable is planning on providing better service for consumers. They are trying to offer better internet service from their current 15 Mbps (Comcast provides more than 100 Mbps). One positive review from consumers is that the customer service is really good. A member said that “The customer serviceĀ is the only thing they have going for them. At Least when I call I’m speaking to a human being within minutes” (Crista8366). So if there was a way for Time Warner Cable to improve their services dramatically and market themselves in a much better way than Comcast, they would be able to rise themselves higher in the market but it would take some time for them to reach the status that Comcast has. In conclusion, Time Warner Cable isn’t a bad company to go to, but still needs more improvement than its current competitors.

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