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Dish Network Blog #7

According to the National Cable and Telecommunications Association, Dish Network Corporation is the 3rd top MSO as of September 2010 with 14,289,000 subscribers. According to the Dish Network web site, in 1996 Dish network sent out its first broadcast and by 1997 the company reached its first one million users. In 1999 the company unveiled the world’s first and only 500 channel satellite television system and reached out to two million users in the same year. In more recent news, 2010 was a very big year for this company. In April DishNetwork becomes the first and only pay-TV provider to offer more than 200 HD channels. Later in the year the company announced its collaboration with Google to create Google TV. For a more detailed timeline:  http://www.dishnetwork.com/about/profile/history/default.aspx

I found many forums and blogs for people to post their opinions about Dish Network. Unfortunately I found that the most occurring kinds of comments about the company were negative ones. I found a site simply called “”Dish Network Reviews” which had people’s opinions on the pros and cons of the company. A very common complaint was that the customer service was less than satisfactory, and a common pro was that people found the system user friendly and easy to use. Another very common complaint was that the service started out very affordable, even cheap, and but that was very temporary. The deals soon wore off and the service seemed to get very expensive fast. However, the fact that most of the reviews about the company were negative made me think that it is the most dissatisfied customers that are more likely to blog about their bad experience. As a consumer I can say that I am much more vocal about something that I strongly dislike, instead of the other way around. This makes me wonder if there are  more good things that people are not posting.

I also found a blog that someone wrote comparing Direct tv, Dish Network, and Comcast, as well as invited other people to share their opinions about the companies. This man who created the blog gave Dish Network a C as a grade. He also cited other people’s blogs as being only 65% positive, 42% gave only one star out of five and only 12% gave five starts out of five. http://cyfairrealestate.com/2010/09/the-great-debate-comcast-vs-directv-vs-dish-network-vs-entouch/

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