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The first thing I had to research was “what is a cable MSO”, which turns out to just be a fancy way of saying “cable company”. So, then I decided to choose DirecTV as the company I would research. DirecTV was launched in El Segundo, California June 17, 1994. It is now owned by The DirecTV Group who is controlled by Liberty Media. Liberty Media is a media conglomerate traded on the stock exchange through NASDAQ, controlled by chairmen John C. Malone. DirecTV today has over 18 million subscribers and generated roughly $17.25 billion in revenue at end of the year in 2007, no wonder Forbes ranked Mr. Malone 204th of the “Top 400 Richest Americans” in 2006.

One of the main blogging topics I saw was about the billing problems. A lot of people said they have spent entire days on the phone with a customer service representative trying to get their free HD credit, Stars and Showtime credit, and their referral credit. One person even said that the billing process ruined their entire experience with DirecTV.  I can relate to the people who have spent hours on the phone with a customer service because my dad is always yelling on the phone to one of them for hours on end.

The other theme the blogs I read was the quality of DirecTV once they finally sorted out the problems. People loved the excellence of the  HD and NFL Sunday Ticket, which allows you to watch every football game playing on Sunday.  DirecTV has exclusive rights to sports packages for NFL Sunday Ticket and NASCAR Hot Pass, and a lot of people solely subscribe to DirecTV because of it and say that DirecTV would fall out if it was not for this.

But the most talked about subject that I found was money. It’s all about the Benjamins! It is strange that some people said that DirecTV cost them so much more money in comparison to other companies. Then other people said that DirecTV is the cheapest cable company they have had. People for the most part are not pleased with their DirecTV subscription.

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  1. tessdoez
    February 19, 2011 at 1:36 am

    Your content is just fine, but to credit for this post you must proofread and edit. Some problems include the constructions “a customer service” & “the biggest rave.” See also the last sentence of the first paragraph and, in the last paragraph, remember not to use apostrophes when pluralizing. Please revise and email me when you are finished so that I can give you credit on Blackboard.

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