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Comcast Image?

After researching several of the top cable corporations one particularly stood out to me. Comcast is one of the largest providers in the cable, communications, and the entertainment world. Comcast has an estimated 23 million customers; composed of 8 million in their phone service, and 17 million internet subscribers. Obviously, the Comcast brand is thriving.

But despite Comcast’s success, looking at many of the online blogs and forums would make you think otherwise. After doing some light research of blogs about Comcast I discovered websites such as Comcast Must Die and I Hate Comcast. These websites are dedicated to showing their “appreciation” of their Comcast service. After finding these websites, I decided to Google “Comcast’s rating by users” and the same negative ratings appeared. One user even compared Comcast to garbage, with complaints about service and technical support. This is seen as a common issue that flood websites where users are allowed to rate their service such as My 3 cents.

This clear distinction made me wonder about the success of this company. Does anyone like Comcast? So I decided to look for more positive reviews. One particular website had the positive comments I was looking for on Get Human. Get Human is another rating website and on this website there were a number of praises of Comcast and its service. Although these positive comments were not as numerous as the number of complaints there was some positive feedback which I saw as a positive indication. Comcast has over 30 million customers, out of these 30 million a lot of negative connotations have been made through blogs and forums. This made me wonder, is this really an accurate portrayal of the company? Or is the internet just a safe place to air out grievances and not praise?


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  1. tessdoez
    February 19, 2011 at 1:15 am

    Your content is fine, but there are a number of grammatical errors that you must fix before I can give you credit for your blog. The first paragraph is especially riddled with errors to the point that it barely makes sense. Other errors, especially with agreement, exist in the third and fourth paragraphs. (“there was a number of praises,” “a common issue that flood websites”). Please proofread, revise and email (tessdoez@gmail.com) me when you have finished so that I can give you credit on Blackboard.

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