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I chose to do my research on the phone, Internet and cable company, AT&T.  AT&T is an American company that works in 27 state.  Centered in Manhatten New York, AT&T was formed in 1989 and offers digital phone and roadrunner high speed Internet along with cable.  On the online discussions that I read, the general consensus among online contributors is that AT&T does not offer the same quality as the other companies in the market.  The common complaints of AT&T is that the cell phone service is not as good as other companies, that it is over priced and, in poor weather, there have been complaints of the TV service going out.  Reviews can be quite different based on the location of the customer.  The majority of the contributors who complained about the phone service were based in very rural or suburban areas.  The people who lived in cities and very urban areas seemed to have a much more positive outlook on the service.  AT&T has a reputation of having bad service in less populated parts of the country and the people who contributed to the online forums and blogs seem to support that notion.  Although there were mostly negative reviews of AT&T there were still a lot of contributors who were satisfied with AT&T’s service.  As I said earlier, in inner cities and rural areas the phone service seems to be a lot better.  The television service, on the other hand, has much better reviews among people who contributed to the blogs.  However, the TV service also has much more mixed reviews in certain parts of the country.  In places where there is a lot of hazardous weather conditions the TV service has been reviewed as being noticeably less reliable.  The high speed Internet has received even more negative reviews then the other two services in AT&T.  The consensus among high speed Internet users has been that the Internet is very unreliable and unlike television service or cell phone service, it is unrelated to the weather or the portion of the country in which the customer lives in.

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  1. tessdoez
    February 19, 2011 at 1:50 am

    Your content is just fine, but there are too many errors for me to give you credit. Please proofread, edit and email me when you are finished (tessdoez@gmail.com). Some suggestions: capitalize “American” and “Internet (throughout),” do not capitalize “digital,” if you are talking about more than one state you must as an “s” to the word. This sentence makes little grammatical sense: “Depending on where the customer lives, reviews can be quite different based on location.” Fix the agreement here “there is a lot of hazardous weather conditions.” I am not sure that the last sentence says what you mean–I think you mean that it is related, not unrelated.

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