Comcast Corporation has had a significant presence in the news with its recent joint venture with General Electric to purchase the NBC news channel.  The $30 billion transaction gives Comcast a 51% stake in NBC with GE owning 31%.  GE will continue to manage NBC’s cable networks, film and tv entertainment, theme parks, and investments while Comcast will maintain the company’s NYC headquarters and contribute its cable networks, regional sports networks and certain digital media properties. Customers are actively speaking out and are concerned with the power that Comcast is going to have over the pricing of digital media, especially NBC channels.  An article in the NY Times on the 27th discussed the takeover and what the restructuring would mean for the visual attributes of the company – specifically the NBC peacock which was less that visible at the announcement party.  Fans of both companies assaulted the message board, stating their displeasure with the potential loss of the iconic logo, pleading with the companies not to drop such a recognizable symbol of American televised media.

Comcast also announced earlier this month that they would allow streaming of live TV to Apple’s iPad, creating another viewing screen for the house.  Since customers are already paying for access it makes perfect sense, and users commenting on the article responded positively and with increased interest in the new access capabilities provided by the television provider.

In local news, users are thrilled to finally receive XFINITY Internet 2go in Colorado today, which is Comcast’s new high-speed wireless data service.  “Colorado is known for being a state that embraces technology, and having 4G and 3G service with blazing fast Internet speeds is evidence to that fact,” said Rich Jennings, Regional Vice President, Comcast Mile High Region. “Comcast continues to drive innovation in the market whether it’s with video, voice, the Internet or now wireless — all for the ultimate benefit of customers.”

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