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Comcast Corporation

I decided to research the MSO Comcast because it is a service that I use and felt that it would be the most interesting to look at a company, which I am directly interested.  Comcast Corporation is a company that offers cable, Internet and telephone services.  It also has large stock holdings in many broadcasting stations such as E! Entertainment, Style Network, The Golf Channel and most recently NBC Universal.  The buying of 51% of NBC Universal’s stock share is what was talked about most in the blogs and forums I read.

The latest news within the Comcast Organization is that the company has bought the majority of shares of NBC Universal.  This deal has been in action for the last two years and finally went to the FCC this January.  On February 18, 2011 the FCC granted the companies permission to create the joint venture between Comcast Corporation and NBC Universal.  With this merger of companies there comes many opinions of whether or not this was the right choice.  The reviews seem to be mixed, there is one side that says this will lead to more competition between other cable providers and television networks allowing for more innovation and the capital to back this up.  The other side is saying that this is going to lead to higher fixed prices of two companies that are stuck in their old ways.

In the many blogs and comments I read it seems that most people in the public are taking the side that this will not be a good thing.  People seem to be very concerned about how much power this will give Comcast Corporation to raise prices not only for customers but also raise the price of having NBC on other cable providers.  None of this has been done yet there is just concern being voiced through these blogs.  It was also mentioned that under Comcast the NBC Universal will drop the always recognizable NBC colorful peacock and Universal spinning globe in its corporate logo.  This is still a very new merger and we will just have to wait and see what the outcome of this will be.


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