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Blog #7–Marisa Pooley

Comcast Corporation was the number one MSO (Mulitple System Operator) in the year 2008, with 24,182,000 subscribers. Comcast is the majority owner NBCUniversal, which operates news and entertainment networks such as NBC, Telemundo, and local news networks. Comcast is also an Internet and phone provider. In keeping with current trends, Comcast offers HD, DVR, On Demand, Pay Per View, special sports channels, and is affiliated with Xfinitytv.com. All these features boost Comcast into the digital age and allow customers to receive a personalized cable television experience. Comcast is in direct competition with DirectTV, Verizon FIOS, and AT&T. The Comcast website even has a “Compare vs. the Competition” feature, where customers can make sure they are receiving the best in cable provider options.

In this feature, the website assures that it has the fastest Internet connection (when compared with DirecTV). However, the first article on Yahoo!Answers complains about Comcast internet not working correctly. There are several suggestions from other Comcast users, all with the final line, “I had the same problem.” A major complaint seems to be that Comcast is very expensive, and the cheapest option, the “Economy” package, offers very few channels and amenities. Also, Comcast is the only Internet and cable provider in many areas, so it almost forces people to spend a lot of money. About.com says that Comcast lost 270,000 cable subscribers in the last part of 2010. It suggests that users are switching away from an expensive monthly bill to a reduced rate online.

I have personally had trouble with Comcast as a cable provider. Before college, I always had Dish Network, but DU uses Comcast. A minor complaint is that the basic package that DU provides does not have a guide, which is a convenient feature of Dish. A bigger problem was that I did not have cable for a month and a half. Suddenly, the channels stopped working, most saying “This channel is temporarily not available. Call Comcast.” My TV was the only one experiencing this issue, so I thought maybe I had done something to break it. However, when the Comcast workers finally came to fix it, they said that this is a frequent complaint and a result of a faulty cable box.

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