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Comcast as top Cable TV MSO in the United States

After reading chapter six, learning about photography, movies, and television, Pavlik ends the chapter talking about three primary means of distributing TV programs. They include broadcasting, cable, and direct-to-home satellite. The most common way Americans get television signals is through cable. Comcast is the number one cable TV MSO in the United States as reported in 2008. Comcast has almost doubled Time Warner’s numbers of subscribers. However, Comcast does have some downfalls to their ever expanding company as we find on some popular online discussions.

On wordpress.com a customer with a black and white picture of a man in his 50’s or so has repeatedly said “Comcast sucks” in his blog. He was having troubles signing up an account online – he said he spent 45 minutes – and decided to give up and make a blog about his feelings.


Another blog titled Comcast on wordpress.com speaks of the inconsiderate four-hour block Comcast will give a customer for an IT worker to come look and fix the T.V. This consumer is complaining that the last thing he wants to do on the weekend is wait at his house for Comcast. He values friends, errands, and his personal life much more than Comcast. His idea? Minimize the window of time Comcast is able to come and fix the T.V.


Ruby has commented on Google Groups about his dissatisfaction of the company and has taken the extreme to drop Comcast and switch back to Dish Network. He comments on the price he is now paying with Dish, which is half the price he was paying for Comcast.


Overall, we understand that Comcast is the leader in the Cable TV MSO’s in the United States, however, it would be wise of Comcast to improve their customer service in order to better attract customers. This would also prevent Comcast from losing customers.

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