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Out of all the Wiki groups that are presenting on Thursday, I found that the iPhone looked to be the strongest argument of all. The iPhone page was the most organized and easy to read out of all the other Wiki pages. It was categorized very neatly and clearly showed that the iPhone is the best smartphone out of all the other cellphones.  The iPhone page was much more superior than the other pages.

Another reason that the iPhone provides the strongest argument is because of its dominance over the other smartphones. The page shows that the iPhone dwarfs all other cellphones when it comes to apps with over 50,000. Also the simplicity of the iPhone makes it very appealing to customers who aren’t as technologically savvy as other people may be. The was the phone runs is very straightforward and is designed so that almost anyone can use it. Features such as FaceTime and HD video are also strongpoints to the iPhone. The convenience of being able to call someone, play music, play games, and surf the net all on one small hand-held device is what makes the iPhone so appealing to customers. Being the first type of smartphone available to the public is another thing that makes it so popular. Since it was so innovative the name iPhone has become one the most recognized technological devices.

The iPhone is also released by one the most powerful companies in the world, Apple. Apple has an annual revenue of about $60 billion. Being a product of a enormous technological company just makes the iPhone seem much better than the other smartphones.

The only weakness to the iPhone may be that the phone is offered to users of AT&T. The iPhone would just completely dominate all other smartphones if they decided to team up with networks like Verizon as well. If Verizon users had the option to pick between the Android and the iPhone, it is almost certain the more people would choose the iPhone.

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