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The Android Phone

The Android is a mobile device operating system that was initially purchased by Google, who became the developer of the software. In 2005, Google created the “Android Open Source Project” (AOSP), which is tasked with all development and technological maintenances. I believe that after viewing all of the Wikis, that the Android has the edge. Because of its association with Google Inc., it is widely recognized as a marketing powerhouse (as Google has strongly been established as such for years). According to statistics, over a quarter of a million Androids are activated each day.

A common comparison to the Android is the Apple iPhone phenomenon. The iPhone’s compatibility, efficiency, and user-friendly interface is difficult to rival. However, In 2010, the Android phone surpassed the sales of the iPhone. At the time, the iPhone was in the lead for most popular and successful phone.

I personally own the Android phone, and members of my family own iPhones so I have been exposed to both quite a bit. I think that the Android’s recent success in profit is a sign that they have the potential to remain at the top, even when the iPhone or Blackberry comes into the mix. Its number of applications rival the iPhone’s, and it can be argued that the Android has much more useful applications. The iPhone applications were initially created to attract the “gamer” consumer, having thousands and thousands of applications that are simply games. The Android, however, has created applications based off of utilizations that Google has already established. This includes Google Earth (the mobile reincarnation of Google Maps), Advanced Task Killer, a real wide framed flashlight, ‘GPS My Droid’, metal detectors, and barcode scanners. The Android apps are easy to use and more than practical in every-day life. The Android has also erased an issue that has been ongoing for years: lost and erased contacts. With the Android, this worry is washed away. Each contact that is added is synced with your Google E-Mail account, and is also synced with Facebook friend contacts to ensure that they are never lost. If a phone is ever lost, the new phone will automatically and easily be synced with the old contacts and every little detail is restored.

I thought that the Android wiki Pie Chart was a great example of their success. This wiki was very interesting, informational, and well presented. The video was also relevant and supportive to the theme.

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