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In the Wikis I thought that the competition between Android, iPhone and Blackberry was especially interesting. Cell phones are increasingly more important and able to do more things, so whoever is the winner in this market will have a lot of influence. From the Blackberry page, I got the idea that the device that was once essential is kind of on the way out as new smartphones take over. However they did have some useful ideas for moving forward that would definitely help the company, like gearing it toward the younger demographic. The iPhone page gave lots of good information, regarding the phone’s strengths and weaknesses. It seems that one of the biggest things that has been holding the iPhone back is the deal with AT&T. It will be interesting to see what happens when the phone becomes available through Verizon next month, and if that takes a lot of business away from Android. The Apple technology tends to be very appealing and user friendly so I can see a lot of Verizon customers switching over to the iPhone. The Android page provided a lot of in depth information and background, incorporating lots of photos, charts, and even a video. I thought they made a strong presentation and showed why Android is the leader in the market right now. I think the fact that the Android software can be used on a variety of phones by different manufacturers is really a bonus, and gives customers a lot of options. Every iPhone looks exactly the same, but with Android you can choose what fits you best. For example, I just bought a Droid 2 and I chose the one with a slide out keyboard because I find typing on the touchscreen annoying. I also think Google has created a great software that seems more versatile than Apple. The ideas that the group had for going forward were interesting too, with the suggestion that Android create larger tablets with the same technology. This would no doubt help with competition against the iPad.

Overall I would pick Android as the winner, as they are clearly ahead right now and have such a versatile and well programmed software. Like I said I just got a Droid this weekend after having the most old school flip phone possible for years. I found the transition very easy and I was able to learn how to work it quickly. I love all the apps and features. However we’ll see what happens when Verizon introduces the iPhone, and if Droid will be able to keep up with the new competition.

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