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Group Wiki Assignment

Out of all the wiki presentations that I saw and read about, I felt that the Facebook presentation was the most effective.  The group gave a very detailed description of the history of facebook, it’s founder and current owner and the rise from a small website to the largest social networking website on the planet.  On the wiki page, the group had a great description about facebooks role in the marketplace.  The group didn’t make claims based on their own experiences or preconceived notions, instead they gave statistics outlying facebooks popularity in comparison with their past and present competitors.  But, for me, the best part of the facebook wiki was the groups ideas for the future of facebook; specifically, their idea to integrate video chat into facebook chat.  Video chat is a huge phenomenon right now.  Skype is one of the world’s largets social networking websites and yet it offers almost exclusively video chat.  The iphone 4 was one of the best selling smart phones on the market and yet, it’s main selling point was the addition of video chat.  Video chat is on the verge of becoming its own market, and I think if facebook were to start offering video chat, they would begin to compete with websites like Skype and devices like the Iphone 4.


The group did a great job of presenting their information in an organized and understandable fashion.  They went into detail about facebooks history, their statistics were relatable and important and their ideas for the future were very innovative and realistic.

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