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Blog 4- Media Regulation Rewrite

Blog 4 Rewrite 

In light of the attacks on September 11th, I think the US government should be allowed to block publication of material.  Many people would disagree with me on this, saying that allowing this would only segue into less free speech.  Allowing the government to control what is published on the Internet would, undoubtedly, lessen free speech, but it would also protect national security.  Which would you rather protect: free speech or American lives?

            This is most currently relevant in the Wikileaks debate that has been going on since the site first began in 2006.  Wikileaks was started by Julian Assange, as a site that was untraceable and uncensorable, and attempted to give society the real idea of what was going on and what was being hidden by the government.

            Personally, I think Wikileaks is awful and should be taken down immediately, for many different reasons.  Firstly, Assange has no right to post American government documents on the Internet that he obtained through treason.  Assange is Australian and has no stake in American politics, making him more willing to throw America to the dogs.  He posts documents and videos from governments other than his own, because if he betrayed his own country he could be tried for treason- something he cannot be tried for by other governments he betrays.  Some may argue that Assange has a right to make these documents public; it is not libel, they are actual government documents.  The matter still remains that Assange is making public classified documents and videos, things that were kept from the public for a specific reason, which he overlooks.  Secondly, Assange claims that he is trying to give the public the plain blatant truth about the war in Iraq and Afghanistan, for example.  Yet Assange edits the videos he uploads, and titles them with her personal beliefs of what occurred.  In the video about the Iraqi journalists being killed he titles it “Collateral Murder” and cuts the video down from 40 minutes.  The edited and titled video is released loudly and publically, while the raw footage is quietly added to the Internet.  Assange is doing exactly what he was attempting to prevent! He shows the public what he wants them to see, while leaving a small trail of truth.  His hypocritical moves demonstrate his deeper motives than freedom of speech and governmental truth.  He aims to destroy trust in the American government (for reasons currently unknown) and preach his off-kilter beliefs about what is happening in the war.

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