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Out of everyone’s wikis, I believe that the Android’s is just barely ahead of the others.  The Android’s wiki opens up with some very interesting history (even though it is still a relatively new device), like naming their updated phones based off of foods (e.g. donut, honeycomb, Gingerbread, and the ice cream sandwich).  A very powerful point that the Android wiki initially makes is that they’re owned by Google.  Google is widely recognized as a market power, and anything owned by it will also be recognized as just that.  Their next strongest point as to why Android is the number one operating system because they claim (according to Google) that 300,000 new phones are activated on average per day.

If you briefly look at the pie chart on the Android wiki, it looks to be a very strong argument in favor of the Droid versus other phones.  But if you look closely, the chart is just a pie chart comparing how many different phones have the Android operating system within them (and how many there are relative to each other).  Depending on the reader that is either a very strong, or very weak point.

Because the authors point out that Android technology is still relatively new, beating out the iPhone in 2010 is a huge deal (especially considering that the iPhone just recently took the top spot in the market from Blackberry).  Adding to that point are some hard facts, 33% handsets sold last year were Android enabled; followed by Research in Motion (Blackberry) at 28%, and finally the iPhone with 22%.

The Android wiki also shows a brief chart on how the operating system works for Android phones, followed by a video of the Android system on a PC.  Overall this wiki was very informational and well organized; everything just seemed to flow nice and smoothly from start to finish.

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