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Group Wikis Arguments

Out of all the arguments on the wiki pages, I felt as if the Nook page had the strongest argument.  I liked the fact that there was an image of what the Nook looks like as well as what books look like on the screen.  The layout of the page was nice and organized.  The information was bulleted with section headers so the page was easy to read and flowed well.  In terms of context, it was nice to know the price and the specific features of the Nook.  The ideas that the group had for improvements, was interesting because it appealed to people in our age group.  Through their ideas, the Nook is able to expand their demographic rather than appeal to just bookworms.

I also liked the fact that on the webpage they described the Nook’s competitors.  Rather than just stating the negative aspects of other electric book devices, they described their competitors in a fair manner.  When describing their competitors, they only listed their positive features and no negative ones.  This group also does not compare the Nook to their competitors or state why the Nook is better.  I liked that because it proved that this group was confident in their product and wanted their competitors to be presented in an open-minded manner.



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