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Blog #5–Marisa Pooley

Many of the groups have successful wikipages, but the iPhone and Blackberry pages were the best. First of all, the iPhone page was visually appealing. The layout, pictures, and diagrams helped to make the page interesting. The information on the page was short and to the point, but obviously thorough. The group clearly took time to evaluate iPhone’s weaknesses and its’ future. However, there are also some problems with the group’s page. While the pointed out the weaknesses of iPhone, and came up with ideas for improvement, they did not think of how iPhone can solve these issues. For example, they said that the company, AT&T should work on its service and fewer dropped calls to improve iPhones. They did not come up with how AT&T should do this, though. They also took time to find iPhone’s competitors, but I would have liked more information in this section. They included a graph, but it would have been nice to have a little explanation along with it. It would have been interesting to see how and why the companies mentioned (Google Nexus One, the Samsung Galaxy S, etc) are in fact competitors.

The Blackberry page is also visually appealing. It includes pictures and graphs, which add interest and credibility to the wikipage. It is neat how they included links to some topics that may need additional explanation, like RIM. The group clearly put a lot of time into the research. They not only listed Blackberry’s competitors, but they also have a comparison section. The ideas for Blackberry’s next steps seemed well thought out and possible. When comparing the two companies, based on the wikipages, I would have to say Blackberry is more successful. They had about the same amount of information, but their ideas seemed more put-together and plausible. Blackberry is the winner in the market of smartphones.

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