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Nook has the most “reader-friendly” wiki page however the Android has the most information on the page that is useful for determining the best argument in print. This wiki page is easy to read and has many colorful pictures and videos on the sight. One of the main reasons why I think the Android has a higher percentages of users than the iPhone is because of the diverse phone carriers that carry the Android. Thus far, but not for too much longer, AT&T is the only carrier with the iPhone which has limited the number of customers to purchase the phone. Unlike the iPhone, the Android operating system is a open source system. Android is owned by Google which is one of the most powerful brand names in the world. The Android will not fail as long as Google is behind them. Google is expanding and advancing daily which only means that the Android is doing the same. I had the Android operating system on my old phone which sometimes presented me problems on the speed of the OS. An idea for the future, is that Android would address those problems to continue their lead in selling their devices. Overall, the Android page provided a lot of information that I thought was useful to learn about Android. I enjoyed the pie charts and the video. This group did an excellent job on the page layout as well, it made it very easy to read the information.


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