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The debate between Facebook and Myspace to some extent is extinct. Facebook is dominating what used to be the top media site by thousands of users, leaving myspace in the dust. I really enjoyed reading the blogs between these two topics, and particularly favored the Myspace wiki, despite my personal preference to Facebook.

This group did a really good job addressing Myspaces strengths, while also realizing that competing with Facebook is a tough battle. When I made the switch to Facebook back in 8th grade, I began to use my Myspace less and less. One of my biggest frustrations with Myspace was the constant band adds I had flooding my inbox and profile page. This group addressed this issue and proposed restricting the adds as a solution. I strongly believe that this will help retain Myspace users.

After reading this wiki, I decided to log onto my old facebook page and check it out. One of the things I noticed, is that Myspace really is for a more creative social media user. The group addressed that Myspace allows bands to create profiles where listeners can download music and stream music live. Myspcae has established a niche in the social media market by allowing musicians to share their music for free. It’s no wonder so many hit bands gained their respect through Myspace. By allowing bands to promote their work on a public site like Myspace, users are able to search new and upcoming bands. What a cool way to better connect with the music scene!

I really appreciate this groups insight on Myspace. It inspired me to go back and check out my old profile, and who knows, maybe I will begin to use it more. I think that by informing people about the strengths of Myspace and all the features it has, that Facebook doesn’t have, will bring users back to their old Myspace profiles.


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